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Install a Light Kit on a Club Car Precedent

How to Install a Light Kit on a Club Car Precedent Cart


There are several parts and pieces that you will be focusing on to complete this installation, including installing the main vehicle light harness (for models manufactured after 2008), the headlights, the tail lights, the fuse assembly (for pre-2008 vehicles) and testing the installation.

In this guide, we will focus on general instructions for installing the harness, the head lights, the tail lights and testing. For a more robust set of instructions, along with images of each step of the installation process, view the detailed guide here.

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Tools You'll Need

  • Electric/air drill
  • Safety glasses
  • Insulated wrench (9/16")
  • Wire snake
  • Flat head screw driver
  • Torx bit (T40, T30 and T15)
  • Center punch
  • Drill bit (15/32")
  • Torque wrench (in. lbs., 3/8" drive)
  • Hole saw (1-1/2")
  • Electric tape
  • Phillips head screw driver

General Instructions

  1. The first step of the installation process is to ensure your vehicle is parked on level ground. Then, turn the key to the "Off" position and remove it from the switch. Make sure your parking brake is set before you proceed.
  2. Now, raise and remove the seat bottom, and disconnect the ground wire from the negative post #4 battery using your insulated wrench. This will be located on the driver's side.
  3. Set the "Run-Tow/Maintenance" switch to the "Tow/Maintenance" position.

Installing the Main Vehicle Light Harness

  1. Start by removing and retaining the front screws that are securing the body. Set these aside for later in the installation.
  2. Loosen the four screws on the sides of the rocker panel that are holding down the floor mat, and lift and remove the floor mat from the golf cart.
  3. Using your small screw driver, remove and retain the outer ring from the charge receptacle.
  4. Next, remove and retain the three screws that are securing the lower body trim to the cart's body. You can pull up on the body to remove the trim, giving you access to the battery box.
  5. Route the main vehicle harness from the instrument panel along the recess in the floor, which is alongside the existing harness. Secure the existing harness using zip ties.
  6. Now, run the 3-pin end of the harness through the lower opening in the center of the body and route it into the battery box.
  7. The two 3-pin connectors should be routed through the holds in the upper back corners of the battery box - secure these to the existing harness using zip ties.
  8. Next, connect the black #12 wire with the yellow male bullet connector (located behind battery #3) to the yellow female bullet connector on the main vehicle light harness.
  9. The three wires that are in the middle of the harness are for an option brake light kit. Go ahead and remove the floor panel and route this portion into the compartment. Secure by wrapping the ends in electrical tape and use zip ties to attach to the existing harness that's going to the pedal. Reinstall the panel.
  10. Now, connect the blue fuse wire on the main vehicle light harness to the blue #12 wire that is coming from battery #3.

Head Light Installation

  1. Remove the three torx screws that are securing the instrument panel and slide panel to the dash.
  2. There is an indentation to the right of the key switch. Drill a 15/32" hole here for the push/pull headlight switch.
  3. Now, remove the knob, retaining nut and washer from the current push/pull headlight switch. Insert the shaft into the new hole and use a washer and nut to secure it on the front side. Reinstall the knob.
  4. Plug a 12-pin male connector on the headlight harness to the 12-pin female connector on the main vehicle light harness. Secure with a wire tie to the existing instrument panel control harness.
  5. Plug the red male bullet connector (gray wire) that's coming from the 12-pin connector on the main vehicle light harness to the red female bullet connector (gray wire) on the existing control panel harness.
  6. Now, route the 6-pin connector on the headlight harness into the cut-out on the passenger side dash.
  7. Use a 10mm and 13mm wrench to remove and retain the two nuts and bolts from both sides on the back of the bumper. You can discard the old bumper.
  8. Connect the 6-pin connector on the headlight bumper to the 6-pin plug on the light harness, and secure the harness to the frame support using wire ties.
  9. Now, attach the new headlight bumper using the original hardware. This can be installed in the reverse order of the directions above.

Tail Light Installation

  1. To start this installation process, measure up 1-1/2" from the top edge of the rear bumper and draw a horizontal line. From the edge of the vertical body line (which begins to curve toward the bagwell), measure horizontally 2-1/4" and draw a vertical line. Find the intersection of the two lines and mark this with a center punch.
  2. Repeat these steps on the opposite side.
  3. Using a 1-1/2" hole saw, drill holes from both center marks.
  4. Insert the wire snake through the drilled holes and pull the 3-pin connectors on the main vehicle light harness out of their corresponding side.
  5. Now, connect the tail lights to the 3-pin connectors from the previous step, and slide the connection back into the hole. Ensure the lights are sitting flush to the curves of the body.
  6. Once you've established the correct location of the tail lights, clean the entire area with alcohol to ensure the tape adheres properly.
  7. Then, remove the tape and press the tail lights firmly into place. Fasten the tail lights to the body using the mounting screws, and make sure you don't over tighten the screws.

Testing & Reinstallation

  1. To complete the installation, reconnect the battery wires and flip the "Run-Tow/Maintenance" switch to the "Run" position. Test all of the lights to ensure they are working properly.
  2. Reinstall all of the components in reverse order of the removal process, and ensure the main vehicle light harness is properly seated (the floor mat should sit flat).
  3. Tighten all hardware and reinstall the seat bottom to finish the installation.


Installing a light kit on a Club Car Precedent model - or any other cart model - can be challenging. Caution should be taken as you're doing this. If you run into any parts that need to be replaced, enter the part number into the Part Finder here, and we'll show you the Pro-Fit part that will fit.

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