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Model & Part Lookup

Using the Lookup Tool: Select the manufacturer of your equipment from the drop down menu & then enter your model number & click “Find”. This will search our database for an Illustrated Parts List (sometimes called an Exploded View) of your unit. If it is found there will be a link to click to view the diagram. The diagram may be through an online catalog or it may be in a Pdf format. In the online catalog you will be able to add the part(s) you need directly to the shopping cart. If the diagram is a Pdf you will need to add the part number through the Part Finder to add it to the cart.

If you know the manufacturer of your unit but not the model number, or you only know a partial model you can put in the manufacturer & hit “Find” to display a complete list of models in our database for that manufacturer. If you know a partial model number you can select the manufacturer & enter the partial model & hit “Find”. A list of all models with that sequence will appear. Please note that some of these manufacturers have thousands of models in our dataset. If you aren’t sure how to identify what model you have please look at the manufacturer’s list below for some tips. You can also e-mail us at for assistance.

Outdoor Power Equipment Manufacturers

Husqvarna Outdoor Products:

Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products is the new combined company consisting of Poulan/Weed Eater and, Electrolux Home Products. They have produced wheeled goods (Mowers, Tillers, Snow Throwers, etc.) under the brand names American Yard Products (AYP), Roper, Rally, Yard Pro, Co-op, Statesman, Poulan & Weed Eater.   For Handheld Equipment (Trimmers, Blowers, Chain Saws, etc.) please see “Poulan/Weed Eater below.   To access Illustrated Parts Lists (IPL’s) for these brands please select “Husqvarna/AYP” from the drop down menu at the top of this page. Older product will require the Manufacturer’s ID number for parts look up (HD145H42G for example). Newer units will have both the older style model numbers (a combination of letters, numbers & letters) as well as a numerical ID number (960______). Either number will work to bring up the diagram of the unit. You can find the model tag on walk behind products on the frame of the mower between the handles, on riders underneath the seat on the frame & on tillers the model tag is on the tine shield. If multiple vendor parts appear when entering one of these parts into your cart always select “AYP” as the vendor.


McCulloch produces gas & electric lawn & garden products, gas & diesel generators & gas & electric pressure washers. The McCulloch brand name has been sold several times in the last 10-15 years. Older parts are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Older units carried names like “Mighty Mac”, “Mini-Mac” & “Eager Beaver”. The units also carried a numerical model number (6____ or 4____) . The numerical model is what is needed to source parts on these units. Select McCulloch from the “Manufacturer” list at the top of the page & enter your model number. Some part numbers may not show up in our database. Please contact us at for assistance with older product.

Newer McCulloch product s can be found on our site as well. Newer model numbers utilize letters & numbers (MXC1840DX, MCS2001) & can be found by entering the model number at the top of this page. If multiple vendors appear when adding a part into your shopping cart you should select “MCC” as the vendor.


MTD makes all types of lawn care equipment. MTD has produced units under many different names including Yard Machines, Yard Man, Statesman, Montgomery Wards, Atlas, Lawn Chief, Wheeler , Bolens & Magna America to name a few. MTD model numbers are generally found in the following places: For Walk Behind mowers (Push or Self Propelled) look between the handles on the frame of the mower. For Riders, look on the rear fender underneath the seat. MTD model numbers start with 2 numbers followed by 2 letters, 3 numbers, a letter & three more numbers (13AM675G062 or 12A979L401 for example). To access parts lists for MTD products select MTD from the drop down menu or enter your model number at the top of this page. If multiple vendors appear when adding a part number to your cart always select “MTD” as the vendor.

American Lawn Mower (EARTHWISE in Lookup Tool):

American Lawn Mower manufactures Reel Mowers under the Great States & Scott’s brand names as well as Battery & Electric powered products under the Earthwise, Green Thumb & Homelite brand names. The parts lists for these units are in pdf format & will require you to enter the part number you need into the Part Finder bar. If multiple vendors are displayed you will need to select the AME option to add to the cart.


Murray primarily made lawn mowers & riding mowers. Murray mowers were also made under the names Agway, Lawn Chief, Noma, AMF, Dynamark & Eaglestar. Murray model numbers generally have 5 numbers followed by an “X”, one or two more numbers and possibly a letter (40502X92A) or a series of 8 digits (3612-5400 or C3912-060). Murray went bankrupt several years ago & the brand name was purchased by Briggs & Stratton. Parts availability for common items (blades, belts, deck parts) is still quite good on these mowers. To access the parts lists for these units please select “Murray” from the drop down menu or enter your model number at the top of this page. If multiple vendors are shown when entering a part number into your cart always select “BSM” for the original Murray part. You may see some substitution to a Rotary (“ROT”) part number. This is also an appropriate choice & is often a less expensive option (Rotary is an aftermarket supplier of parts. Rotary, in some cases, has a better supply of Murray parts than Briggs & Stratton does).

Poulan/Weed Eater:

Poulan/Weed Eater is also part of the Husqvarna Outdoor Products family. This is the hand-held product division that makes chain saws, blowers & string trimmers. To access parts lists for the hand-held product select Poulan from the drop down menu or enter your model number at the top of the page. If you have a Poulan or Weed Eater brand mower please refer to the Husqvarna Consumer Outdoor Products section above.


Troy-Bilt is one of the oldest brand names in the Outdoor Power Equipment industry.  Troy-Bilt is now owned by MTD products but many of the model numbers are still in the Troy-Bilt catalog.  Horse & Pony tillers will require a serial number to find the correct parts.  Newer lawn mowers will more likely be found in the MTD catalog.

White Outdoor Products:

White Outdoor Products also fall under the MTD family of brands.  Most White products will be found in this catalog.


Rotary is a leading manufacturer of aftermarket parts in the lawn & garden industry.  You can use the Rotary catalog to find common parts for many different brands like John Deere, Exmark, Gravely and many, many more.


The Ryobi brand name has been used by several manufacturers. String trimmers, blowers, hedge trimmers (gas & electric powered), & electric or battery powered lawnmowers made before 2004 appear on our link as “Ryobi Lawn & Garden”. Brand names included in this category are IDC, Ryan, Ryobi & Singer. These units have model numbers such as 150R, 720R, Mulchinator, & 990R. In 2005 Home Depot began selling gasoline powered lawnmowers under the Ryobi name. Parts for these units can be found in the Husqvarna/AYP catalog. Gasoline & Electric hand-held product made since 2006 years are made by Homelite. These units have model numbers like RY30002, RY30004, etc. and are easily recognized because they have yellow shafts. If you have a Homelite product you will need to contact them for pars & service.


Tecumseh engines have been used on all types of lawn & garden equipment.  To find parts for a Tecumseh engine you will need the model & specification (spec) number of the engine.  This number is commonly found on a tag on the engine housing.  Tecumseh models are a sequence of letters & numbers (VLV55, OHV120) & the spec number is a series of numbers followed by a letter (106025N).  The original Tecumseh Engine company closed in 2990 & the brand name & assets were purchased by a company called Original Power.  Parts availability has been an issue but the supply is growing & parts are becoming more readily available.  Rotary also has a good supply of aftermarket Tecumseh parts.  If you enter a Tecumseh part number select TEC as the vendor code if multiple product choices are displayed.  If ROT appears as a choice & the description matches what you are looking to order then Rotary is an appropriate choice.

Briggs & Stratton:

Briggs & Stratton is the leading manufacturer of engines for the lawn & garden industry.  Briggs engine parts can be found by entering the Model number and Type number of the engine.  This number is commonly found on a tag on the engine housing.  Briggs models are a series of numbers (282707) or number & letters (12J802).  Type numbers are generally 4 digits “-“ 2 digits (1214-01).  A “code” number is also on the same tag as the model & type & is sometimes required in the lookup tool to distinguish a serial number break.

Briggs & Stratton Power Products:

This catalog references generators & pressure washers that were originally made by Generac.  Briggs & Stratton purchased the portable generator & pressure washer division of Generac & has been producing units since.  The models for these units use a series of numbers, a “-“ and another number (3300-1).  The number on the model tag may have a “0” in front of it – you will need to drop it to use the lookup tool.

Kohler Engines: 

To find parts you will need the model & spec number of your Kohler engine.  Kohler Engine models are a series of letters & numbers (K321, M18, CV12).  The spec number will be a series of numbers (1215, 30602).  Occasionally the parts diagram will show a part for the engine (common with mufflers) that will not “highlight” when clicked.  This means that the maker of the equipment, not Kohler, provided the part.